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En smilande kvinna som sitter vid ett bord med ett glas vatten i handen.

About Zington

Zington is a leading digital partner, providing expert consultancy in IT, design, and management.


We are united by a passion and determination to challenge ourselves. We love what we do and want to deliver more than is expected of us because we really care. The enthusiasm and creativity that stem from our entrepreneurial drive enable us to see new opportunities and create brilliant solutions.

Trust & Care


Together we become stronger. We believe that close relationships are pivotal to success. Perceptive and inquisitive, we have a respectful approach. We value getting to know all about one another and our clients. Our success comes from nurturing strong relationships and partnerships.

Business Minded


We are professional, competent and experienced and our clients can always count on us to deliver reliable solutions. We always assume full responsibility in our dealings with clients. But we want to do more than that. We want to create real value. We do this by developing an in-depth understanding of both our own and our clients’ business and by implementing smart end-to-end solutions designed to simplify operations.

About Zington

Zington comprises 250 Stockholm-based experts, and over 4000 colleagues worldwide, dedicated to helping companies meet challenges and evolve in the digital world. We craft strategies, lead and execute transformations, design services, and build solutions that propel businesses forward. From concept to finished solution, our focus is on the synergy between people, technology, and business.

Our foundational values — committed, close, and professional — distinguish Zington. These principles, deeply embedded in our history, shape our identity, influence our interactions, and guide our decision-making.

Our values set us apart in a crowded marketplace. We are deeply committed to our clients, consistently going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Through a genuine understanding of our clients' needs, we achieve results that not only meet but exceed their aspirations.

Our Journey

Zington was founded in 2008 by a team of consultants with a shared vision and values. Since then, we've grown significantly in the changing IT and digital world. Despite these changes, our core mission stays the same: to create solutions that help people and businesses reach their full potential.

Part of VASS

In 2022, we joined the global IT group VASS, spanning 26 countries. This affiliation has amplified our capability to offer enhanced solutions. While we benefit from a vast global network, our robust local presence persists. We operate with a "glocal" mindset, merging global outreach with local market insights.

More about VASS

Our Position

Our complex, fast-moving, digital world requires experts. The professionalism of a business, combined with accumulated knowledge and adaptability, is key to success in most companies. The latest technology propels businesses ahead of many competitors. A shared trait among them is the need for all stakeholders - customers, suppliers, partners, employees - to have experiences that add value in any context or role, whether as a user, customer, supplier or consumer.

Our positioning is anchored in three essential dimensions that are integral to a thriving company: Business, Technology, and Experience. At the intersection of these dimensions, Zington operates at its peak, ensuring success for you and your company.

Our Team

People are our top priority. Ensuring our colleagues thrive and grow is at the heart of everything we do. It's their expertise and dedication that has brought us to where we are today. That's why we invest heavily in fostering a culture where everyone at Zington can flourish and realize their full potential. We hire individuals we genuinely believe in - those with the right skills, unwavering commitment, and an unmatched drive to execute.

We believe in growing together. In supporting one another and constantly improving. Our goal is for Zington to be a place where we can develop collectively and unlock each other's potential by being visible, vocal, and challenging. We achieve this alongside our clients, colleagues, and partners in long-lasting, beneficial relationships. As you grow, so does the company.

Career at Zington

En grupp människor som cyklar på en grusväg som går genom en äng. En man sitter vid ett bord med en bärbar dator. En grupp människor som står utomhus. Fokus på en kvinna i ljus kappa som tittar rakt fram. En grupp glada människor står i träningskläder framför en skidlift på sommaren.
En grupp män som står med kaffekopar i handen i ett rum. En kvinna som sitter vid ett bord med en dator. En grupp människor som står och samtalar i ett rum.

Our Partners

To ensure our ability to deliver outstanding solutions across all our areas of operation, we collaborate with some of the industry's leading players. Our partners are an integral part of our offering and our strategy to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. In synergy with our partners, we break new ground and deliver innovative solutions.

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