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Consulting made personal

Claremont becomes Zington

It is finally official! Our high ambitions have led us to change our name to Zington. It may seem a bit strange. Because we have neither been bought nor changed strategy or offer. We are the same company as before. And we are growing.
We have expanded our business even beyond Sweden's borders. We are moving forward. And we won't stop. The next step on our journey is a new name. An unique name that describes who we are.
We are Zington. And we grow together.

When people grow Zington_nytt_namn.png businesses grow

Zington is one of the fastest growing and most successful consulting company and praised as top 100 most attractive employer in Sweden. Our mission is to lead our customers in a digital world, by offering expertise within Business, Technology & Experience. 

Malin Misaghi
Business Transformation

Join me at Zington!

Our ambition is to make people grow, by being seen, heard and challenged. We encourage creative thinking and taking initiative. That is how tomorrow's sharpest entrepreneurs will be formed. We are also passionate about bringing our customers to new heights and becoming heroes in their organizations. Our conviction is that strong individuals become unbeatable together and we successfully build both our and our customers' business. We call it Consulting made personal.

We would't been there today, if it wasn't for your consultants' efforts!
Johan Bergström
PMO, Sveaskog