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Optimized Test Automation for ATG

In an environment characterized by accelerated pace, fierce competition, and limited consumer patience, efficient test automation is crucial for maintaining short delivery cycles without compromising quality. Recognizing this, ATG has significantly increased its investment in automated testing. However, in the fall of 2022, ATG sought additional support to maintain the momentum of its automated testing initiatives, ensuring they remained both reliable and cost-effective.

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Challenge: Inefficient Testing Processes

Upon arrival, Zington's test automation expert quickly discerned that the existing solution could undergo substantial enhancements. There was a clear opportunity to accelerate test runs and bolster result reliability, thereby providing development teams with quicker, more dependable feedback on their modifications.

Solution: Boosting Efficiency and Dependability 

Zington conducted a thorough review of the current system, pinpointing and refining the elements most critical to performance. The entire test suite was adjusted for swifter execution and improved reliability. A strategic alteration in the test tool's configuration led to a dramatic reduction in execution time, which, in turn, revealed previously infrequent race conditions. These conditions ranged from page transitions following button clicks to expected search outcomes after text entries, and validation messages upon submission of incorrect form data.

In the past, slower test runs meant correct information often appeared before test verification, but with the increased speed, false errors surged due to delays in the appearance of the expected state. To address these inconsistencies, synchronization steps were strategically integrated into the test code, ensuring, for instance, that the system awaited the arrival of a subsequent page post-click or a validation message post-form submission. Existing synchronizations were relocated closer to their respective triggers (button presses, navigations, text entries, etc.), merging trigger actions with ensuing synchronizations within the same code routine. This approach minimized future test discrepancies, relieving programmers from the need to remember to insert synchronizations manually.

Zington's consultant brought a calmness and created a sense of security in the team with his know-how. We appreciated the consultant very much and he came up with many good ideas which he implemented in a very successful way.
- Håkan Sandström, IT Manager Shared Bet Channel på ATG

Result: Tests Expedited by 30-50%

The refined solution cut the total construction line execution time by 30-50%, with even more pronounced performance improvements observed during local runs. The frequency of false errors diminished, and the test code became more user-friendly. In essence, development teams now receive more rapid and reliable feedback, enhancing the efficiency of both development and maintenance of the test suite. By fine-tuning the existing system rather than overhauling it entirely, ATG reaped substantial benefits at a minimal cost. This unplanned enhancement underscores the additional value that Zington's seasoned consultants can provide when empowered to operate with autonomy.

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Anders Eng

Anders Eng

Business Manager Test & Quality Assurance