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We are Zington

We are Zington – nearly 250 committed digital consultants, fully focused on bringing our clients forward. Towards digital leadership. Through years of experience with digitalisation projects across a range of industries we have accumulated the knowledge and skills required to manage a company’s digital ecosystem. We make everyday life easier for our clients’ customers, co-workers and partners, by creating a positive brand experience and enhancing efficiency as a result. 

At Zington, we are united by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. We are sincere when we say that we aim to acquire an in-depth understanding of each client’s business. That is how we enable the full potential of technology for your specific operations. It is also due to our high-touch, and personalised engagement with clients that we have achieved recognition within our industry.   

We have breadth and depth of technical experience, are well-known for our precision in delivery, always focus on the client and are strongly committed to create profitability and new business opportunities for our clients. 

Do you want to grow together with us?

For us, it’s always personal. We believe in the importance of the individual to the overall result and the ability of everyone to achieve great outcomes if given the right opportunities. We believe in the power to develop people to become the best versions of themselves – both co-workers and clients. 

We look forward to growing together.