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Data & Analytics

In the field of Data and Analytics, our experts work to promote data-driven decision-making and transform data into valuable insights that strengthen your market position. Adopting a data-driven approach gives your company the ability to improve strategies, optimize production processes, or identify core customers.

Create Competitive Advantages with Data-Driven Innovation

A data-driven approach can help your company become more competitive through automation, better resource allocation, and optimized process flows. At the same time, it enables better decision-making that can improve customer experience and reduce customer churn. In a world where data is a constantly flowing resource, the ability to navigate and utilize this information is crucial for competitiveness. At Zington, we have the experience and competence to work closely with our clients, understand their needs in depth, and identify the best solution to help you succeed in the digital era.

How We Help

  • Establish data-driven workflows and processes
  • Expertise in leading data platforms such as Azure and Databricks
  • Development and monitoring of Data Lakehouse
  • Creating next-generation analysis models using AI
  • Finding the right approach for Power BI enterprise

Why Choose Us as Your Partner in Data-Driven Transformation?

Working with Zington means you gain access to a comprehensive portfolio of technical experts. We are not just skilled consultants; we are active participants in the development and implementation of customized technical solutions. Our expertise ranges from the integration of source systems and architecture design to data processing and visualization of decision-making materials. With a deep understanding of Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and the data lakehouse concept, we are the partner you need to streamline and improve your operations.

Interested in transforming data into insights? Welcome to contact me!

Elin Hellström

Elin Hellström

Business Manager Data & Analytics

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