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STHLM Xperience Conference 2024: Designing for a Better World

In an era of change and emerging challenges, it is crucial to consider our contributions towards a more promising future. This year, the STHLM Xperience Conference (SXC) adopts a theme that is both relevant and inspiring. Tommy Marshall, co-founder of SXC, introduces this year's theme, its significance, and what participants can expect from the conference taking place on November 14, 2024.

A woman and a man stand on a stage with a roll-up in the background with the text STHLM Xperience Conference.
Tommy Marshall, co-founder of SXC and Head of UX & Design at Zington

What is the theme for this year's STHLM Xperience Conference?

The theme for this year is Designing for a Better World. We continue the tradition of embracing the theme for World Usability Day. This year, it's about exploring how design can contribute to a better world and make a positive impact. In a time of much turbulence worldwide and rapid changes, it's more important than ever to reflect on how our decisions and actions affect society and the world at large.

What does this theme mean for SXC?

This theme encourages us to think beyond just the digital sphere. We will explore how we can contribute to a better world, not just through digital innovation but also through physical initiatives and community engagement. We aim to inspire a design practice that is aware of its broader context and seeks opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable, accessible, and fair world. We aim to have  speakers who can illuminate this theme from various perspectives and inspire our participants to think in new ways.

Why is the theme "Designing For a Better World" so important right now?

We find ourselves in an era marked by significant challenges, including conflicts in Europe, soaring inflation, and economic instability.  The theme of the year is a reminder that, despite the challenges we face, we can make a positive difference.

How will the theme be interpreted during this year's conference?

We aim to present a wide range of perspectives while keeping it relevant to our main audience – designers and decision-makers within IT. We want to show how design can play a key role in creating a better world, from how we approach problems to the solutions we develop.

Participants can look forward to a lineup of great speakers. 2024 is the seventh year we organize the conference, and each year we strive to improve the experience. We see particularly great potential in developing the digital part of the conference to enable even more interaction among participants.
- Tommy Marshall, co-founder of STHLM Xperience Conference

Why does Zington host SXC?

From the start, seven years ago, Zington saw the opportunity to establish itself as a thought leader in the UX and design area by creating a forum for the community to gather, exchange ideas, and be inspired. SXC is also a way for Zington to demonstrate our expertise and contribute to the development within UX and design.

Who should attend SXC?

The conference is primarily for professionals in the UX and design sector, including service designers, product designers, UX researchers, and UI designers. It also addresses IT decision-makers, who play a crucial role in these issues and need to be updated on the latest in the field. Our purpose is to be a meeting point for this community, where the latest trends and innovations within the field are explored and debated.

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Tommy Marshall

Tommy Marshall

Business Manager UX & Design