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Client Story

Apollo – From Pain Points to Rapid MVP Launch

As the pandemic reshaped travelers' behaviors, Apollo faced the challenge of swiftly adapting its last-minute booking experience. Through insightful workshops, user-centered design, and agile MVP development, they transformed their digital platforms, enhanced user experience, and streamlined the booking process.

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Challenge: Spontaneous Travel Bookings in Pandemic Times

During the pandemic, decisions to book a trip became more spontaneous. With this behavioral shift, last-minute trips became increasingly crucial. On Apollo's previous page, clear pain points in the flow were identified, and a significant amount of user feedback had been collected. It was realized that both the user experience and the visuals needed to be improved and streamlined. Among other things, the layout and prices were unclear, and there wasn't sufficient functionality for finding a trip (such as filtering, sorting, and search). Mobile usage increased drastically during the pandemic, but users had to scroll far down to even reach the offers.

Solution: Workshops, Prototyping, and MVP Development

Three workshops were conducted, involving developers and product owners, along with UX designers and digital designers, to identify the target audience, pain points, and technical constraints/opportunities. Subsequently, hypotheses were formulated. Additionally, two ideation workshops were carried out in MIRO with stakeholders from the business where their perspectives and ideas were utilized. Prototypes were created, and an MVP (minimum viable product) for what would be included in the first release was determined. This was done in close collaboration with the entire team, including developers and product owners. The first release was evaluated using Hotjar recordings. Issues identified were quickly addressed with a new release. After that, continuous iterations were made, incorporating feedback and A/B testing.

Result: Significant Increase in CTR and Mobile Conversion

A 370% increase in Click Through Rate (CTR), meaning 370% more clicks on offered last-minute trips. Also, mobile conversion increased by an amazing 92%.

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Tommy Marshall

Tommy Marshall

Business Manager UX & Design