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Revamping with Unified Design

When Expressen was tasked with consolidating two distinct codebases into one, Zington stepped in to pioneer a new solution through a POC (Proof of Concept). Just nine months later, a revamped site was unveiled, born from the collaborative efforts of a cross-functional team comprising developers, digital designers, and analysts. This initiative culminated in a remarkable 34.9% surge in digital traffic within the first year.

Kundcase Expressen

Challenge: Integrating Dual Codebases

Historically, Expressen operated two separate codebases for its desktop and mobile web platforms. The goal was to merge these into a single codebase, presenting a host of technical and design hurdles. For instance, the desktop version featured a mega menu that was incompatible with mobile devices, and several components lacked consistency.

Solution: Transitioning from POC to a Unified Platform

The journey commenced with an intensive month-long POC (Proof of Concept) to explore the realms of possibility regarding performance, ad management, and layout. A mere nine months later, the site was successfully launched, thanks to the concerted efforts of a cross-functional team that included product owners, developers, digital designers, and analysts. The transition from two codebases to one necessitated a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of a responsive website, as well as an identification of site elements critical to the transition. Aspects such as navigation, layout, article formats, sub-brands (including GT, Kvällsposten, Allt om Resor, etc.), and a component style guide were overhauled, giving a fresh, reader-friendly redesign. The structure and codebase established for subsequently became the foundation for both and

Result: Traffic Soars by 34.9%

In the year of its launch, digital traffic skyrocketed by 34.9%. Users, on average, generated an additional 42 million impressions per week compared to the preceding year.

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Tommy Marshall

Tommy Marshall

Business Manager UX & Design