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Quality Assurance

Streamlined Quality Assurance and Cloud Migration for the Red Cross

Zington has had a successful collaboration with the Red Cross for several years. Our latest assignment began with offering continuous mentorship to the Swedish Red Cross's test and quality assurance (QA) manager, aimed at strengthening the organization's QA capabilities.

Challenge: Maintaining Quality Assurance During IT Transformation

When the Red Cross's QA manager went on parental leave, Zington was tasked with providing a substitute resource to ensure ongoing work continued uninterrupted. In this role, Zington actively contributed to the Red Cross's IT transformation journey, enhancing the organization's capacity to assist vulnerable people, both in Sweden and globally. The assignment involved handling complex challenges and involved various stakeholders such as internal staff, volunteers, and developers.

Solution: Transition to the Cloud and Improved QA Capability

The major operational part of the assignment was overseeing the testing and QA work associated with the migration of the Red Cross's CRM system to the cloud. This system is a core system for both fundraising and local volunteer work across the country. Concurrently, initiatives were underway to improve the Red Cross's QA capabilities and set the stage for automation. The work was agile and responsive to the business, with both operational and coordinating elements. The assignment was challenging due to the central role of the systems, complex integrations, involvement of many actors, cost pressures, and extensive parallel changes in the IT environment.

Result: Improved Testing Processes and Integrations

Our test and QA resource provided specialist expertise in integration and API testing, as well as knowledge in generating test data, especially for various payment flows. Throughout the project, we refined the testing processes and tool support. For example, we developed the structure in Azure DevOps to improve collaboration and clarify the distribution of responsibilities. Coordination of integration tests has improved between teams, and collaboration within and between teams now operates smoothly. This was made possible thanks to the responsive and experienced employees from Zington and the Red Cross. The assignment was facilitated by the Red Cross's clear goals, where each proposal and micro-decision is evaluated with a focus on helping more people faster.

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Carin Norling

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