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Are you ready for the new legal requirements on accessibility?

It's time to bring your websites and other digital platforms up to speed for 2025 and the forthcoming legal requirements. Are your services accessible to everyone, including those with various functional abilities? Zington is here to assist you with a preliminary review of your design, text, and code to ensure you meet these high standards.

Närbild av en bärbar dator med ett hjälpmedel för blindskrift framför.

In just two years, by June 2025, the EU accessibility directive will be enforced. At that point, all goods and services, websites, and apps offered by businesses to consumers must be accessible. While there are certain transitional provisions in place, there is also pressure from, among others, the disability rights movement to further tighten the Swedish legislation before our "Act on Accessibility to Products and Services" is implemented.

We can provide you with valuable insights into what business-to-consumer accessibility means for your specific company and how you can start preparing now. We're also ready to assist you in making the necessary adjustments.

Helping You Meet Accessibility Requirements

We begin with a swift initial assessment of how your text and visual design accommodate people with various functional abilities and how your user interface interacts with different accessibility tools. Following our analysis, we'll discuss the findings with you, advising on how to enhance your platform and what steps to take first. We'll also guide your designers and developers to more detailed information on meeting the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. If you lack in-house designers and developers, our consultants are prepared to assist with the adaptation.

New Opportunities with Our Partner Accessibility Cloud

Through our partnership with Accessibility Cloud, you can now quickly gain access to ongoing analysis of your digital platforms' accessibility. Data from these automatic analyses can be exported to your own tools or dashboards. By continuously monitoring your accessibility, you can track improvements against your KPIs.

Together, we can ensure a positive user experience for all your visitors and secure a digital presence for your business that is accessible to everyone, regardless of functional ability.

Our Offering

Would you like to learn how we can assist your company with accessibility? Contact me.

Tommy Marshall

Tommy Marshall

Business Manager UX & Design